Welcome to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Skill Education Board

       The birth of man is not in his own hands, but living his life is in his own hands. If a person wishes, then he can make his life like a beautiful garden. The story of Ambedkar Institute of Information Technology is similar. When this organization was established, it was a very simple and small institution, but due to the efforts, and dedication of the organization, this institution has become like a beautiful garden today, in which the pupils do not only go by learning but also they take this institution in their mind and pursue the education in their practical, personal and social life, with complete determination and dedication. By this they get their goals.

       The institution is proud that the organization has succeeded in enlightening the names of the learners, the parents, and in the society due to the unique learning style.

Our Mission

To get training in every occupation and area of the world, the knowledge and practice of modern information technology is very important, because today's era is the era of digital technology.

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Our Vision

Goals and vision are important in all spheres of human life, and if the matter of institutions is concerned then the importance of the aims and their achievement goes even further, because the institutions are not personal

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We make the path of life better

Institute's design is clean and simple , and it's icons give it a friendly and down-to-earth appeal to the learners.

Why Choose Us?

We provide outstanding quality of teaching, many activities, facilities, dedication, and help for resulting high levels of student’s desires and achievements.

Small Class Size

Students learn faster, easy and perform better in small size classes.

Certified Tutor

Certified tutors teach students about the proper and realistic goals that create a better future.

Infant Care

Learners are cared as like as infant baby care at an initial stage of learning.


We provide the library to the learners, that they can read more wide literature and theory about their courses.

Best Environment

We always maintain the fresh, healthy and friendly environment for students.


Students are said to do self physical activities and Practical.

Personality development

We teach the learner about their body language, the behavioral activities.

Knowledge of all aspects of life

We give our Pupils the General knowledge of all aspects of life that really helps to grow their personal and academic level.

Our Institute Services

The best services give satisfaction to the people, and the people tell about the services to the other concerned people. That's why the institute become famous. Some familiar services are:

Register As a Student

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Online Verification

Online verification regarding result, exam, and diploma/degree certificates is available.

Guest Lecture

Prominent personalities are invited to motivate students and give latest information regarding their carrier.


Seminars are conducted to make aware regarding new techniques and field opportunities.

Conduct Campus Interview

Campus interview are managed regarding placements.

Online & Offline Education

Education and study material is available online and offline.

Providing Study Material

Study material is available online and offline.

On Demand Examination

On demand examination are provided here.

Providing Marketing Team

We provide marketing team to support.

Low Fee Structure

Fee structure is very low and special discount for weaker section candidates.

24/7 Support

24/7 days online and offline support is provided.

Online Admission, Roll no., Date Sheet & Result

Information regarding admission and exams is available online.

Teacher Training for all IT Courses

Teacher Training for all IT courses is given to all teachers.

Make An Appointment

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What Students Saying

The modern era has seen many changes with the necessary ground work that was laid in the past century of the technological advancement . here , I would like to talk about my computer institution (Dr. Ambedkar Institute ).which I believe that is very helpful for my further life.

Sukhpreet Student

I would like to talk about my computer institution ( Dr. Ambedkar Institute ). I gain very beneficial tricks from this institute. Teachers are very hard working and skilled in here. I learn many those things which are very valuable for me like as. This institute one of the best institutes in my opinion

Amandeep Student

Dr. Ambedkar Institute is a great step for our future generation. This institute gives great acknowledgment on low prices. Besides study there are many cultural programs and interesting activities are performed. There are all short term courses which students do with their long term goals.

Jaspreet Student

4. Pastly ! I heard about this institute then I took admission for ADCA because I’m interested in computer application. I worked hard due to this institute because their study system and motivational speeches encouraged me to do work hard and now I’m very eligible to do my interested job.

Sinder Student

Any institute success is determined by the right connectivity between the teachers and students and this institute is the best example of that. I really admire their teaching method. The way they teach is too good or beyond good.

Sukhpreet Singh Student

I have joined recently so far it’s going good I thanked to this great institute for giving me a great chance for achieving my dreams.

Mani Student

My friend suggested me for this institute and I found that, this is one of my great achievement’s Iearnt many things from here knowledge, discipline, and beyond this equality .

Deepak Kumar Student

I did my desktop publication from this institute . it gave me a lot of experience for my editing or Photoshop goal. They have a good system to learn the lessons of our mistakes or aims.

Amandeep Student

I feel very proud because I took courses from Dr. Ambedkar Institute. I think that it is helpful for dealing with nowadays modern culture like as today’s life become digital. This institute provides better environment, sufficient knowledge and skills to us. Which I can believe helpful to know computer’s importance in detail.

Preeti Student

I am the student of Dr. Ambedkar Institute and I did diploma from here. I really liked the way of teaching of my teacher’s due to their positive behavior towards all the students I was able to achieve good marks in my course. So I thank to all my teachers who made me able to get a job in my desirable company.

Amanpreet Kaur Student